Alkalising Water Filters

Delphi Alkaline Water Ionizer

  • Description

    Introducing the Delphi – world’s most advanced water ionizer.

    Easier to use than all other ionizers – just one touch on the control pad on the top of the faucet selects the type of water you want. The elegant faucet has a beautiful LCD display and allows you to get both streams of water – alkaline and acidic – right at the sink.

  • Features

    • Filtered alkaline and antioxidant water.
    • Waters flow even while cleaning.
    • Four (4) levels of alkaline water.
    • Four levels (4) of acidic water, including super-oxide.
    • .01M BioStone 3-stage filtration filter.
    • 5-plate polymer ion platinum plated titanium-ionizing plates.
    • Coral calcium port.
    • Patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates scale buildup.
    • Ability to connect directly into main water supply and operate under pressure.
    • LCD display on the faucet with touch pad controls.
  • Benefits

    • Superior Filtration utilizing the Biostone Filtration System
    • Top Performance – the latest Mesh Diode Electrode technology
    • Unparalleled durability – the patented DARC Cleaning System eliminates the scale build-up which deteriorates performance in other ionizers
    • Dependability – backed by the certainty of Emco Tech – the world leader in ionization.

Kangen 7 Alkaliser

  • Description

    Seven (7) electrodes: titanium nano platinum. 7 Settings of Water Quality with Micro-adjust Function:

    • 4 x Alkaline Water Settings
    • 1 x Neutral water setting
    • 2 x Acidic Water including super oxide level setting.
    • Voice Message: English language, real person pronunciation.
  • Features

    • Flow rate detection and heat sensor to prevent excessive usage. Alarm message in case of low flux.
    • Alarm message and ionization disabled during hot water inflow.
    • Adjusts the electrolysis amperage automatically to keep alkaline levels consistent.
    • LCD displays filter life, pH value, clock, time, over-heated water temperature alarm and malfunction alarm.
    • Uses Silver- Activated Carbon Filter (Lead reduction): removes lead; a common problem with old houses.
    • Intellectual LOCK Keypad: Micro-adjust & pH value locked to prevent kids and older adults drinking high settings. Low Water Pressure shown on Display

Pi Bio Alkaline Cartridge

  • Description

    The Pi Bio Life Alkaliser is most commonly used by people who are looking to reduce acidic toxic waste in the blood, tissues, and fluids for the body and to adhere to the more alkaline state required by most human metabolic processes.

    Pi Water was developed through extensive plant research in Japan in the early 1960s. By using a special system, a bio water was created with special life and health giving properties that helped plants thrive well, and beyond normal expectations.

    The research by Doctors Yamashita and Makino also found that when trace amounts of ferric/ferrous (iron) salt were energised in the water, the energy of the water increased dramatically.

    During 30 years of research, Pi Water’s life giving energy has been shown to stimulate the self-healing properties of the cells of plants and animals alike. This process created what is now referred to as “Pi Water” or “Living Water”.

    This Cartridge can be installed with any water filter purchase

Twin Water Filter With Alkaline

  • Description

    The Twin Water Filter With Alkaline System with an Alkaline cartridge has been made using high quality components and filters, and is fully portable and can be installed under the sink or as a counter top filter. This unit offers an efficient four-stage filtration process, which also includes an Alkaline Filter to raise the pH and lower ORP. It has been fully factory tested.

Twin Water Filter With Alkaline

  • Description

    Neat and compact, you can add the additional alkaline cartridge to your Twin Water filtration system. This system can be conveniently installed under the sink and comes with your choice of attractive, designer chrome taps, at no extra charge. The taps can be easily mounted on your stainless steel sink, or corona or granite bench-top.

    The additional stage has been designed to raise the pH reading from low acidic levels to higher alkaline levels.

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